I always welcome invitations to speak at big and small venues, weight loss clinics, pre-natal classes, schools, education seminars, and conferences. Just fill in the Contact Cynthia Form to let me know the date, title of the event, number of people expected and I will get back to you about the details.


Achieving Your Perfect Weight 

(45 minutes) 

The reason why so many diets do not work is because the mind likes what is familiar. If familiar is eating unhealthy foods, being overweight or underweight, and having a lack of exercise, then you can try to do all the right things; but your subconscious mind is going to work against you. Since 90% of our actions are controlled by the subconscious mind, any clash with the conscious mind results in a block that looks like procrastination. This presentation opens your awareness to the tricks your mind plays on you and what you can do to empower yourself to achieve your long lasting weight goals. 

Succeeding at Getting Pregnant

(45 minutes) 

Over the last few years there have been increased reports about the declining fertility of both women and men. Many couples are waiting longer to start a family and some choose not to have children at all which is perfectly fine. However, for those trying to get pregnant, there appears to be a crisis of infertility with “unexplained” reasons. There are so many options to improve your fertility; however, the most important tool that you can use to conceive is your mind. This presentation provides insights into practical suggestions of what you can do to become pregnant using the power of your mind.


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